Cavalor Switch Syrup

Pack size 500 ml
Brand Cavalor
Form Syrup
Shelf life 18 Month or 2 years
Packaging Type Bottle
Features Cavalor SwItch was specially developed for horses that are sensitive from skin.


Cavalor Sw-Itch 500ml.

Cavalor Sw-Itch was specially developed for horses that are sensitive for skin irritation and/or itching as a result of weather conditions or insect bites.
Sw-Itch protects your horse against uncontrollable itching.

What causes summer eczema?
Summer eczema is the result of an allergic reaction to the saliva of a mosquito.
This mosquito is primarily active around sunrise and sunset during the warmer months. Cavalor Sw-Itch keeps this evildoer at a distance, and you can keep the itch under control.

This depends a lot on your horse’s itching level and the environment.
Therefore, dosing levels may vary between horses.
Apply Sw-Itch every day to the affected skin as soon as you note skin irritation.
We recommend to start using it twice a day (morning/evening).
Diminish the frequency to a level that suits your horse.
In case when an itch free skin is obtained SW-ITCH may be used once a week as a tool in the prevention of sweet itch.

Shake gently until liquid is milkywhite.
Spray directly on affected area or apply with a soft cloth.

CAVALOR SW-ITCH 500ml. by Cavalor.


For external use only
Avoid spraying on mucosal areas
Wash hands after use
Store in a cool dry place
Keep out of reach of children
Harmful if swallowed


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