About us

At Pillars-Bio Health Solutions, we make a variety of feed supplement products for horses, beef and dairy cattle, sheep, goats and other livestock. Our products support animal digestive health and growth, while supporting excellent feed efficiency. We blend distillers grains, vitamins and minerals, with beta-glucan, a prebiotic and our proprietary blend additive ProBiotein. No molasses.

Pillar’s products – in blocks and meal – are cost efficient, easy to handle and support nutrient utilization, giving animals what they need for growth and good health. Have a look around our site and we’re here to answer any questions you have. You can also find Pillar’s Health dealers in your area who will be glad to help. Thank you for visiting our site.

Core Competencies

Pillar’s core competence is its experience in the animal nutrition industry and knowledge in the area of premixes and feed additives. This provides Pillars with an in-depth view of market characteristics and enables the company to predict future trends. A highly motivated and committed team of scientists provides Pillars the ability to continuously innovate and stay at the forefront of the animal nutrition sector.

Our Vision

Pillars-Bio Health strives for leadership in knowledge enabled nutrition. Pillar’s aim is to be at the forefront in the study, research and adoption of technologies that improve feed efficiency and food safety. This vision is encapsulated in Pillar’s mantra – “Know-edge Nutrition”.