2Kg Cavalor Muscle Force

Brand Cavalor
Usage/Application Animals
Packaging Size 2 Kg
Best For Horse
Packaging Type Plastic container
Grade Standard Feed Grade


Cavalor Muscle Force is a natural product developed to help increase muscle mass and improve athletic performance by creating additional muscle cells, resulting in a visible improvement in muscle definition within six weeks.

To get competition horses rapidly back to their former level after a period of rest, reduced work, little training or a loss of condition, it is essential to strive for a balanced and optimal buildup of the muscle complex. This requires an interaction among training, exercise and nutrition. Cavalor Muscle Force produces quickly noticeable results, with a uniform development of muscles.

It also gives excellent results with young horses when a more rapid development of muscle power is required.

Cavalor Muscle Force contains albumins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, herbs and nucleotides. This unique composition of building blocks and nutrients involved in muscle growth contribute to a balanced muscle development, and as a consequence it also helps to prevent muscle damage after intensive exercise.

Contains no prohibited substances for competitive sport.


Competition horses: 30-45g per animal per day.
Ponies and recreation horses: 30g per animal per day.

To achieve a fast result, it is possible to give a double dose during the first week.
Maximum dose: 120g per animal per day.

Continue to give until full recovery is achieved, but at least for a period of 5 weeks.

Cavalor Muscle Force is available in 2kg tubs


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